For how many people is the AquaVive Boat suitable?

The standard layout of the AquaVive as presented here has 6 berths. However, other layouts are also possible. If you want to have a new AquaVive built, everything can be tailored to your needs.

Can I live on an AquaVive permanently?

No, it is not allowed to live on an AquaVive. Berths in harbours are for recreation only. 

Can I actually sail on an AquaVive Boat?

The AquaVive Boat is a vessel with CE certification (class D). To move the AquaVive Boat to a new horizon, it should be equipped with propulsion package with bow thruster. No boating licence is required to drive the AquaVive Boat. 

What is the delivery time of an AquaVive Boat?

The AquaVive Boats are built at the yard in Franeker and have a delivery time of approximately 6 months.