About us

AquaVive  has been developed by the Prins van Oranje Groep, real-estate agent in high-quality shipyards, developer of Rapsody Yachts, Heech State, Haven Resort Heeg en Venegy Yachts. The Prins van Oranje Groep has many years of experience and 'know-how' in the water sports industry, both in boatbuilding and in development of marinas and water sports related real estate such as ship houses and holiday houses.

The AquaVive originates from the idea that the water sports enthusiast of the future will be increasingly focused on comfort and luxury, yet doesn’t want to be bound to a permanent location. It resulted in the development of a floating house. Many test models appeared to be unsuitable for this specific purpose.  Therefore we decided to develop and build a floating house ourselves. A lot of dedication and craftsmanship resulted into this unique concept.

We are extremely enthusiastic about the fantastic final result and are very pleased to introduce the AquaVive to you.

Prins van Oranje Team