The AquaVive offers a spacious living area and is suitable for 4-6 persons. Perfect for a family with kids or a couple who likes to invite guests. Much attention has been paid to maximum comfort and optimum space. Sustainable materials have been used. Wonderful glass windows connect inside and outside and allow a wonderful experience in the house. The AquaVive is completely developed and built in The Netherlands.


The AquaVive has a spacious living room with a fantastic view over the water. A glass sliding door offers access to a cozy terrace. The fully equipped open kitchen offers all kinds of modern conveniences. The AquaVive has three separate bedrooms, the master bedroom offers straight access to the (rear) terrace. Luxurious bathroom with walk-in shower with the thermostatically controlled tap, bathroom furniture and design radiator. Toilet with fountain and mechanical ventilation. This complete AquaVive offers maximum living comfort.


The AquaVive is built with a unique cage construction of steel that prevents the whole from twisting in strong winds. In the long term, this prevents leakage at windows and connections.

Material AquaVive:  Durable, welded steel 6 mm.

Dimensions: 14,90 meter length x 4,50 meter width. Inclusive of rafters, motorbun, bolders, bumper and railing with access possibility. 

Support poles for roof construction, steel support beams for floorboards.



The terrace has Bankirai floorboards (antiskid)

LAY-OUT Chalet:


The floor consists of a coffered floor with, at the bottom, OSB (=oriented strand board) 10 mm. Beam layer 38 x 140 with insulation blanket 120mm (R=3). Top 18 Spano, finished off with a complete vinyl floor.

Inner walls and frames:

The inner walls have a height of 240 cm. The inner walls consist of battens 70 x 50 mm and 70 mm insulation. Plasterboard on both sides, 12,5 mm. Various indoor walls with built-in wall sockets and light switches. In one of the partitioning walls 100 mm OSB has been used between the plasterboard, for stability reasons.

The terrace consists of 25 x 145 mm Bankirai antiskid wooden elements, mounted to battens 40 x 40 by means of stainless steel duckboard screws.



Wall-hung tiled (1,20m) toilet. Fully tiled shower. Shower with high-quality cranes with glass partition. 

Finishing walls and paintwork:

All walls and ceilings will be uitgevlakt inclusive of spack spraying. Skirting-boards all over the place. Frames and skirting-boards will be painted.

Outdoor walls consist of SLS (=Selective laser sintering) 38x89mm and an impregnated style (20 mm), steam-proof film on top of it with red cedar on the outside (s. sketch). 90 mm nailing flange blanket (R=2,4) between the styles, steam-proof film on top of it. Inside 10 mm OSB and 12,5 mm plasterboard. The outer wall has a steel V-shape with openings (s. sketch)


Roof and ceiling:

Dimensions: 15 x 4,5 mtr. The roof consists of SLS 38 x 184 centre to centre, Spano 18mm, 70 mm PIR insulation (R=3), bitumen roof covering with lead outflow.

·    At the bottom 22 x 50 battens, 9,5 mm plaster, width 60 cm

·    Finished off with skirting-boards, buoy elements 250 x 6 mm. Steel buoy edge, powder-coated elements in RAL-colour (to be determined)

Roof will be ventilated.

Outdoor frames:

·    There are two frames 3000 x 1900 mm solid glass with balusters.

·    2 frames in the bedrooms, inwardly rotating windows

·    Living room with sliding French door 3.400 x 2.300 with 2 pieces solid-glass inclusive of window grids and 2 pieces outwardly rotating doors or sliding door

·    Master bedroom with glass sliding French door 3.800 x 2.300 mm with sliding door and two permanent windows inclusive of ventilation grilles 1.110 x 1.900 mm • Outdoor ceilings and coverings consist of 6 mm Volkern plates, colour to be determined. Battens with treated pinewood 22 x 50.


Sanitary fittings, electricity and kitchen: 

The Aqua Vive can be delivered in an energy-neutral version. By default, it is heated by radiators powered by a gas CH combination installation or electricity in combination with solar panels. Warm water comes from the same combi-gas installation or electrical installation.

Waste water is pumped out by means of a heavy waste water pump which can be connected to the sewer (mooring place).

·    The Aqua Vive has various built-in lights, sufficient wall sockets and switches. Invisible fuse box (kitchen cabinet)

·    The kitchen consists of lower- and upper cupboards, worktop, refrigerator, gas heater, cooker, combination oven, dishwasher.

·    Bathroom with spacious shower, thermostatically controlled tap, washbasin with warm water and electrical extractor.

.    WC with wall-hung toilet and electrical ventilation.


Our team can move the Aqua Vive for you. Motorization: between 20-40 hp. The Aqua Vive has a CE-certification.